We offer Full Livery, Part Livery and Assisted DIY Livery.

We have separate summer and winter grazing fields, hard core walk ways into fields to stop boots getting muddy in winter conditions.  Paddocks have self filling water troughs.

Full Livery = as below, but to include exercise/training of the horse, individual programs will be devised.

Part Livery = 7 days a  week

-Shaving    -Mucking out    -Evening skip out     -All year turn out    -Haylage    -Rug change as necessary    -Grooming    -Washing feet down and drying off in muddy conditions    -Fly creams, sun cream and turn out boots put on if required.

Use of outdoor school, show jump field, horse walker.

Part Livery = 5 days a week

To include all the above but the owner mucks out stable and grooms the horse/pony at weekends.

Assisted DIY Livery

-1 bag of shavings per week    -All as part livery excluding mucking out and grooming    -We will turn the horse/pony out and will get him/her in from field

-Change of rugs in the morning to include boots if required.